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The Bodyshop Operations Manual contains over 300 pages of valuable information that will allow bodyshop owners and managers to run their organizations better. The complete manual is available here to download.

All aspects of sales, estimating, administration and production are thoroughly addressed, and insightful techniques to standardize systems within the shop facility are outlined in detail. In addition, the manual contains numerous administrative forms to ease and regulate the information flow in, through and out of the shop, from estimate worksheets and scheduling flow charts to final detail checklists. Most significantly, Version 4.0 offers body shop operators and owners management tools for establishing benchmarks and measurable performance criteria. If your organization needs systems and procedures, you’ll find them here.

The software version of the operations manual will give you the ability to customize the entire manual to suit your needs by editing the files in their native format, Microsoft Word™. By downloading the file and placing it on your computer’s hard drive, you can open, edit, copy, cut, paste and print using the worlds most popular word processing program, Microsoft Word™. We also include a PDF version for viewing on any device without the need for Microsoft Word. Avoid wasting hours of time developing your own policies, procedures, and management guidelines when you can get them all right here, ready to go.

Table of Contents

1  Business Principles & Management Roles  9

Staffing Organization & Structure. 10

Building Company Culture on Core Values. 15

Recruiting & Retaining Staff 18

Qualities of a Successful Manager 28

2  Bodyshop Sales & Estimating  29

Key Points in Bodyshop Marketing. 30

Developing a Company Image. 36

Developing a Company Sales Philosophy. 40

The Estimate Closing Ratio. 46

The Sales Process — Sample Sales Scripts. 50

Characteristics of Effective Salespeople. 58

Building a Better Estimate. 61

Negotiating an Agreed Price. 69

Reselling the Job. 73

Consumer Relations. 76

3  Bodyshop Administration  79

The Daily Release Meeting –  A Must for a Well-Run Shop. 80

Processing an Order –  Administrative Steps from Start to Finish. 84

Filing Procedures & Paper Flow. 91

Scheduling Work Flow. 97

Parts Procedures –  Maximizing Organization & Profitability. 104

Materials – Ordering & Inventory Procedures. 110

Supplemental Billing Procedures. 113

Establishing Parts/Sublet Vendor Guidelines. 118

Outside Vendor Request for Bid. 122

4  Bodyshop Production  126

Reviewing the Job Before the Repairs Begin. 127

Metal Shop Procedures. 129

Metal Technician’s Mobile Tool Cart & Tool Inventory. 136

Metal Technician’s Materials Inventory. 138

Paint Shop Procedures. 140

Painter’s Prep Cart & Inventory. 148

Detailing Procedures. 150

Tips & Techniques for the Production Department 158

5  Benchmarks & Performance Measurement  163

The Effects of Performance Measurement 164

Job Costing –  Managing by the Numbers. 166

Profit Benchmarks –  Where Should You Be?. 174

Establishing Your Facility’s Production Potential 179

Keeping Score with the Sales/Production Chart 185

Calculating Employee Labor Efficiency. 190

Hourly vs Flat Rate Comparison. 194

Understanding Gross Profit per Hour 197

6  Shop Policies & Job Descriptions  200

Sample Employee Policy Handbook. 201

Bonus Point Attendance System.. 220

Shop Safety Policies. 223

General Manager Job Description. 240

Sales Manager — Estimator Job Description. 249

Office Manager Job Description. 252

Receptionist — Customer Service Job Description. 256

Administrative Responsibilities. 260

Production Manager Job Description. 266

Parts Manager Job Description. 270

Metal Technician Job Description. 273

Refinish Technician Job Description. 275

Detail Technician Job Description. 277

Custodian/ Maintenance Person Job Description. 280

Pay Scale Definitions. 282

7  Bodyshop Forms  286

Management Forms

General Manager’s Checklist 288

Employment Application. 289

Interview Analysis Form.. 293

Employee Performance Review. 294

Company Pricing Schedule. 295

Sales & Estimating Forms

Customer Information Form.. 298

Estimate Worksheet 299

Sales Department Incentive Contract 300

Bodyshop Administration Forms

Administrative Accountability Checklist 301

Job File Jacket Template – Standard. 302

Job File Jacket Template – Job Costing. 303

Return Parts — Credit Memo. 304

Supplemental Billing Report 305

Material Order Form.. 306

Payroll Adjustment Form.. 307

Time-Off Request Form.. 308

Absense Report 309

Bonus Points Redemption Form.. 310

Corrections Checklist 311

Scheduling Flow Chart 312

Production Department Forms

Labor Control Card. 313

Labor Log Summary. 314

Final Detail Checklist 315

Technician Incentive Contract Overview. 316

Technician Incentive Contract 317

Production Department Incentive Contract 318

Computer Management Systems Comparison. 319

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The Bodyshop Operations Manual is the collision industry’s acknowledged standard in bodyshop management. It is the essential blueprint for every facet of body shop systems and procedures.