Program Development

In the arena of program development, is well suited for a variety of projects. Our client list has included independent shops, large and small, consolidators, dealerships, OEM vehicle manufacturers, paint companies, and fleet repairers.

Working closely with you, we can design and build customized management training programs, educational curriculum, and all the necessary documentation and supporting materials. For some of our corporate clients we have designed, authored, and implemented “Train the Trainer” programs for the purpose of subsequent internal education and training.

We offer a team of management training experts and industry consultants to help your business reach its full potential. Every member of our management team is a practicing industry professional who currently owns or manages a collision repair center. Our experts can “talk-the-talk” and “walk-the-walk”. Each of our consultants specializes in a specific field, so whether your needs involve multiple shop operations, dealership bodyshops, insurance claims, or a small family run business, our staff can help.