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  • Included in the Bodyshop Operations Manual

This tool is designed to provide your staff with a complete and detailed set of procedures for the entire administrative process.  It also assigns accountability for each of the many steps along the way.  Everything from greeting the customer, to reselling the job are all included.
This customizable set of procedures enables a shop management team to get everyone on the same page relative to what needs to be done and who needs to do it.  It provides the foundation for a shop to develop routines and procedures that will ultimately result in improved organization and increased profits.

In addition, this tool is a great example of “A picture tells a thousand words”.  A Powerpoint® slideshow of the entire administrative process is included to complement the printed list of procedures.  This will allow you to train your office staff in a clear and concise manner.  The steps outlined in this presentation include everything from greeting the customer, to delivering the job upon completion. The numerous photos included in this presentation are all “real world” examples, taken at a working bodyshop, with real people, not actors. Some people learn by hearing, some by reading, others by seeing. This tool is a great opportunity to address all three. Along with the printed procedures, together these two tools will maximize your effectiveness at training your staff. Of course, the entire contents of the file are fully customizable so you can add text or photos to suit your own specific needs.

Employees often need to see examples of their job duties to fully understand their responsibilities. This presentation program will help make your training efforts much more effective.

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This product consists of a Microsoft Word® document along with a PowerPoint® slide show outlining all the administrative steps involved from start to finish for the entire repair process.