Training Services

The Training Team provides management training, consultation, and systems development for the automotive industry throughout North America. Our approach has always been to provide our clients with measurable, results-oriented strategies aimed at improving organization and profitability.

Our Training Team

We offer a team of management training experts and industry consultants to help your business reach its full potential. Every member of our management team is a practicing industry professional who currently owns or manages a collision repair center. Our experts can “talk-the-talk” and “walk-the-walk”. Each of our consultants specializes in a specific field, so whether your needs involve multiple shop operations, dealership bodyshops, insurance claims, or a small family run business, our staff can help. Give us a call and we can help connect you with the right expert to suit your particular needs.

Joe Hinkens is the principal consultant and managing director. Joe’s expertise as a professional business consultant includes more than 35 years of industry experience as an owner/operator and an intimate knowledge of automotive management. With a major emphasis on standardization, systems and accountabilities, Joe has developed techniques that have consistently improved the performance and profitability of his clients. Joe has authored a wide array of automotive management material and has instructed over 2000 shop owners, managers, and other key employees through consultations, workshops and educational seminars. Companies of all sizes have benefited from Joe’s real world approach to management.


Our training services are designed to address many areas of an organization from executive-level decision-making to production process management. By focusing on effective leadership and communication skills we have the ability to “drill down” on the core issues influencing a company and can provide recommendations and training that will assure organizational buy-in and minimal disruption to daily operations. Whether it is in Sales, Production, or Administration, we can help identify the opportunities and implement proven strategies to maximize your company’s potential.

Client List

Our client list is made up of a wide variety of businesses, from small independent and dealership shops with sales of under $500K, new vehicle manufacturers, 50,000+ square feet megashops, and consolidators generating an excess of $50 million annually.

Sample Consultation Overview

Listed below is a sample consultation itinerary. Of course the material can be custom tailored to suit the individual client’s needs. Typically, one full day is necessary for data collection and assessment. Upon completion of the data collection process, a recommended strategy can be provided to assist the client in focusing on the high leverage activities. Implementation is the final step and our staff will gladly organize a plan to assist you in introducing recommendations and changes. Subsequent visits can then be scheduled for implementation of the recommended systems and procedures.

1 – Observations & Assessment

On-site visit to include meeting with client for data collection, determination of project goals, staff assessment, market analysis, existing shop performance, shop history. The initial focus is typically on administration, followed by sales, then production.

2 – Recommendations & Suggestions

Recommendations and implementation are prepared around these key categories:


Heavy focus on administration accountability, billing procedures, parts procedures, material ordering procedures, staff meetings, job costing, filing procedures, daily measurement & analysis, scheduling, job descriptions, documentation, organization, contracts, incentive plans, paper flow procedures and warranty procedures.


Increasing the average ticket, closing the sale, improving batting average, speed and accuracy in estimating, winning at negotiating, increasing the hours on judgment calls, increasing material profits, maintaining good working relationships with the insurance industry, improving the bottom line by making money with the pen, not the hammer. Creating and maintaining a “Total Sales Attitude”.


Establishing goals, establishing staffing requirements, compensation plan options, reviewing production procedures, creating incentive plans, organizing production administration, delegating responsibility.

Setting production standards and policies, creating the company organizational chart, revising and establishing technical production procedures, assigning accountability, setting quality standards, establishing methods of measurement for personnel and departments.

We’re certain that our management experts can bring great value to your business and expedite the learning curve.  As mentioned previously, our team of consultants is made up of actual industry professionals who own and operate successful operations of their own.   Let the folks at help to make your path toward success a little clearer and your future a little brighter.

3 – Implementation

Following assessment and recommendations, we’ll work with you to implement the strategies and procedures selected to best suit your needs. In other words, you won’t have to go it alone. Sometimes the toughest part is putting new methods in motion. We’re here to help.

Fee Structure

  • On-Site Consultations at Your Location:  $1,995  –  $3,995  per day  (based on instructor selected)
  • In-House Training at Our Location available for both Production and Management Staff (group discount pricing available)
  • Systems Development:  Each project individually designed, specified, and quoted

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