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This Excel workbook, with a series of complex formulas already in place, is a powerful yet easy to use tool that will provide you and your staff with crucial information on a daily basis.

It will help you track your technicians’ performance and motivate your staff to be more organized and productive. This virtual scoreboard provides your staff with daily feedback that reveals how they compare with the other technicians. By setting goals and providing incentives for exceeding those goals, you’ll soon have your entire staff watching the performance numbers with the same interest and desire that the shop owner has.

Included in the package is a template for a wall sized laminated scoreboard that you can post on the wall of your shop or office. Simply send the template to Kinkos and have it printed up and laminated. Erasable ink pens let you reuse the scoreboard over and over.

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This tool a quick and easy way to track your technicians’ labor efficiency as well as your shop’s overall labor performance.